Over here Anchovies are to die for - The Anchovy Nugget

This is my usual morning. The usual Anchovy Nuggets for breakfast.
That's got to be gross for other side of Earth...but not this side.

It's a staple just like rice. You can do all sorts with it.

Mind you the Anchovies here somewhat differs from what the other side of Earth gets.
Here it is salted and sun dried.

Anchovy Nuggeets or Cucur Ikan Bilis as they call it this side of Earth, is packed with natural goodness. It will keep you full until lunch time and you get to dip it in ketchup.

Yes. We have ketchup. We also love ketchup. Lots of it that we hog every ketchup we can get from McDonalds because it taste better.

Making it is simple. You just need plain flour, eggs, big onions, a bit of salt, anchovies of course and warm water. We also add loads of other stuff as well like spring onions, red chillies etc

I like ours with diced potatoes and big onions.

Of course the anchovies have been soaked from last night (left in the fridge) to get rid of access salt. After rinsing them, I would usually grind them a bit since its better for Mimi to digest.

This is when Syasya bugs me to give her a go at the mixture.

And this is when she gets bored and starts playing with it...

The mixture is then mixed with hot water so that the nuggets are crispy outside while still retaining moisture inside (so its soft as you bit into it)

I don't deep fry them like some people do. Just shallow frying so its less oily.

I would also put aside a bit for Mimi before I add hot water. Hers will be just hot water, while the rest of the batter will have hot water mixed with a bit of salt. 

Great BLW (baby led weaning) recipe right?

This is nice to have in the morning...and it usually is a hit with the kids :)

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