Saying Goodbye to a faithful "friend"

It's sad when you need to say goodbye to a really faithful "friend"...

I was given a Moby wrap by my cousin's wife Zu, a few days before Mimi was born and I instantly fell in love. I've been wearing Mimi with it every where. 

Zu contacted me a few days ago and said that she wanted to hands me down her JumpSac Orbit Soft Structured Carriers (SSC) a Camo on Black Straps.

Camo on Black Straps
to order, go here
What can I say, I was more than happy. Instantly and naturally I felt that the Moby needs to be passed down to my beloved Sister In Law with hopes of sharing the joy of baby wearing I have experienced for the pass one year.

So tomorrow, my lovely turquoise moby wrap will be passed down to baby Faris my 3 day old nephew :)

Farah Rahim is the co founder of the Malaysian REAL FOOD movement; a local support group called "HOMEMADE - Air Tangan Ibu". She also advocates managing asthma, allergies and eczema naturally via NaturalAAE. She's the official Malaysia's ambasador of Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution. When not an activist she's a Stay at Home Mom to 3 girls who loves nothing but good ol' homecooked meals. Her full blog-list is above

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