Depressed? Eat LAKSA...yes seriously eat OILY FISH

I found out on another here that oily fish may be your remedy for depression. So the next time someone pisses you off, try eating LAKSA. I did.

Infact I went to TESCO the day before and bought nearly 3kilos worth of indian mackerel and fresh sardines

This is as oily as you can get babeh! hahaha
Indian Mackerel is smaller and known as PELALING here in Malaysia. Its sweeter so that's why I prefer these as to any other Mackerel here.
Yes. Mackerel is staple food here in Malaysia, if you haven't guest already.
Well small fish also means, less mercury.

This fussion of malay and chinese dish is my ultimate "I need ice cream" moment minus the calories.
And when it doubt, ask the CHEF! hehehe. Awesome Penang Asam Laksa recipe here

Besides that the vietnamese bay leaves gives this a fresh astringent, diuretic, and appetite stimulant properties

p/s no need to get me started on how good RAW veges are for you hehehe but too much raw red onion might just need an extra dab of deodorant hahaha - dont worry, MooGoo has one that is all natural, aluminium free and gets rid of it foul ordor fast!

Farah Rahim is the co founder of the Malaysian REAL FOOD movement; a local support group called "HOMEMADE - Air Tangan Ibu". She also advocates managing asthma, allergies and eczema naturally via NaturalAAE. She's the official Malaysia's ambasador of Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution. When not an activist she's a Stay at Home Mom to 3 girls who loves nothing but good ol' homecooked meals. Her full blog-list is above

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