I wouldn't call this a field trip...its just 3 steps away from the front door :P
But it's as organic as you can get this side of Earth. My side.
This is Aromatic Ginger or Cekur widely use around the south of Malaysia (which is where I am from) for dishes cooked with fish and coconut milk.
My dad transferred these over a few months back and I have been putting them near "wet" places in our very small garden to thrive.

and thrive they have :)

I asked Syasya if she wanted to tag along for the "harvesting" & she looked at me puzzled. Harvesting seems to be a pretty unknown concept for a city kid like her (which just means I should plant more things and "harvest" them with her often)

Pretty hard to coax her into getting her hands soiled...but at least I try to make a point that not everything grows on a supermarket shelf (or hypermarket which is always where we shop :P)

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