Its getting hot out take out the yogurt and dumpling

When large arrivals of Indian migrants were brought into the country as contract laborers to work in rubber estates and on the railways in the 19th century, they also brought along their food. The influences can be divided into two mainstreams, Northern and Southern Indian cuisine.

My influence with the love of Indian Food came largely because I used to work with an all Indian staff as a litigation clerk at a local law firm in Ipoh

Then later I married my husband who's father hails from a family who's decendents where these Indian migrants. You can clearly see this in their features. So when I married my husband, curry, sambar and such were very common dishes that I cook. For the moment, my daughter Syasya is the curry enthusiast and anything with yogurt is always a family favourite.

True is also for the love of Dahi (Indian Yogurt) or Tairu as they call it here. On an extremely hot day, a snack like Dahi Vada is just something I would crave for.

Dahi Vada is Lentil Dumpling in Yogurt with spices but I just like to keep my Dahi Vada simple (soak it in Dahi for a few hours and grate some carrots and spring onions on them).

Dahi Vada is also sold in most Indian Restaurants here in Malaysia and is known as Tairu Vadai (Vadey). This dish has a very cooling effect on the body during hot days such as today.

If you would like to learn to make Medu Vada (which is a base for the Dahi Vada) - this is a good instructional video to do so.


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